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Here is Collector component, first developed to present my collection of miniatures et miniature collection manufactured exclusively by the Club Autos Miniatures Peugeot.

I've wanted te create a configurable component to expand the possibilities.

To quickly summarize the different features: ( completed , in progress , to do )

  • multiples collections management
  • publication dates management for collections and objets
  • access management to collections et objets
  • creating fields for each collections using 7 possibles types of field:
    • line field
    • text field
    • list field
    • date field
    • image field
    • file field
    • checklist field
  • files management
  • possibility of collaborative work with earlier versions management
  • templates management
  • search for objets by filtering based on predefined lists
  • RSS feed
  • export to pdf, excel

Release 0.7.0 for Joomla3 is available.

Collector for Joomla 3 / 0.7.0 HOT
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